Introducing our young rider:

My name is Brianna Pecanac & I have been riding for 7 years.

I started off competing in regular eventing competitions then transferred into straight dressage and showjumping.

I purchased my horse BHM Black Galliano In August 2017 as an eventer. 

We won our first ever ODE together at Canberra ODE. A friend then told me that if I reached medium level dressage and competed for the NSW Interschool’s National Team in Year 12 you could be eligible for bonus ATAR point.

I have aspirations to become a vet…. then I thought every bonus point would help, so then I made the switch to dressage.

I couldn’t take the jumping away from Gally, so I still compete at show jumping completions. And what a decision that was, after competing for 3 months in dressage I was accepted to compete at the NSW Youth dressage Championships 2018 and managed to place.

Also later that year in October I had the honour to represent the NSW Interschool’s team at the Marcus Oldham National Interschools Championships in the 95cm combined training which as an amazing experience.

I was also selected to be a part of the Bowral Dressage Young Rider team which was formed this year and have had the honour to represent them out at competitions.

My aspirations for 2019 is to compete Novice/Elementary dressage, to compete competitive 105cm showjumping and now with this wonderful opportunity to be a sponsored rider for The Resplendent Rider I look forward to achieving these goals and completing my show attire with their beautiful handmade stocks.